Linda Brandt Tanner

Seasonal Delights,
Fresh Food!

By Linda Brandt Tanner

Linda Brandt Tanner is one of a committee of passionate people currently working on The Edible Schoolyard, a pilot project at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California, which began in response to school lunchrooms closing down across the country. Their goal is to teach youngsters respect for the planet and for one another through on-site, hands-on experience in gardening and food preparation in a program that will become part of the California school curriculum.

  • In Season: Tomatoes!
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Summer 1996  
    "In the little saltbox home on Curtis Street where I grew up, summers meant canning, camping trips—and more canning..."
  • In Season: Onions!
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Fall 1996  
    "The arrival of fall brings with it a desire to enjoy hearty, soothing, aromatic foods—foods that encourage family and friends to gather around a steaming fragrant dish..."
  • In Season: Comfort Foods
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Winter 1997
    "At birth, when a newborn searches for the nipple to soothe her or his entrance into the world, the exquisite connection between food and calm is made, and we continue to seek that comforting pleasure for the rest of our lives..."
  • In Season: Eggs!
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Spring 1997
    "For months, I had planned to celebrate a major birthday in the life of my husband in some special way. That date in May—one of Northern California’s most beautiful months—found us staying, once again, at our favorite hideaway at Point Reyes Station..."
  • In Season: GRILLING OUT!
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Summer 1997 
    "A glowing cook fire acts as a magnet, pulling us forward to savor its warmth and liveliness, and summer is the quintessential season to enjoy this oldest form of cooking..."
  • In Season: Pasta!
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Fall 1997  
    "Here in California, the transition from early to late fall is a gentle one. It begins with the warm Indian summer weeks of early September..."
  • In Season: Beans!  
    By Linda Brandt Tanner  From Radiance Winter 1998 
    "The pioneers knew their value. Frugal cooks depend on their versatility and nourishment. They happen to be one of the easiest things in the world to cook, and now they are considered chic and even come in designer colors. Beans are a favorite of mine and have been a mainstay in my home for as long as I can remember..."

  • In Season: Spring Greens
    By Linda Brandt Tanner From Radiance Spring 1998 
    "Moss, pistachio, viridian, spruce, forest, lichen, lime, celadon, chartreuse: all shades of green are present in this spring’s harvest. Nature wakes replenished after her long sleep and proudly gives us her utmost. All the edible shoots, pods, and leaves of newly growing things are finally ours to savor..."