Size-Positive Books & Resources

This is only a partial list (alphabetical by author) of some of our favorite books and resources. This list will be updated a few times a year. Your ideas on what to include on this list are welcome. �Editors

For Children (and those who work with them)

The Whale Who Wanted to be Small, by Gill McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading Inc (1985). For kids through age seven or so. A cute story about a baby whale who was much bigger than any of her sea creature friends, who wished she could be more like them in size. Only when exposed to the magnificence of her Grandfather does she realize the beauty and value of being a whale. For information and price write Booklines, Hawaii Ltd., 94-527 Puahi St., Waipahu, HI 96797. (Hardcover, $8.95 from
ABC, I Like Me, by Nancy Carlson. Puffin Books (1988). Not originally intended as a size-acceptance book, this little gem features a pig as the main character who gives all the reasons why she likes herself. Highly recommended. (Paperback, $4.79 Hardcover, $10.49 from
Aunty Pua's Dilemma, by Ann Kondo Corum, MnM Books (1995). This is the story of Aunty Pua, a portly pig, who doesn't want to go to a luau because she feels she's too big. She tries to lose weight, but her wise uncle finally tells her that she is a pig, she is meant to be fat, to celebrate who she is, go to the party, and have fun.

"Aunty Pua, Aunty Pua, you silly pig! You're running and running, and still you're so big! Don't you know that pigs were meant to be fat? Accept that fact and wear your hat. Go to town this very day, and buy a muumuu that's bright and gay. Buy a size that's right for you, and I'll see you at Opu's on May 22."

So Aunty Pua goes to the party, feels and looks wonderful, and has a great time. She learned her lesson: You are who you are and you should celebrate that and not worry about being like anyone else. Included in the book are her favorite recipes from the luau. The drawings are beautiful, positive, and very fat-friendly. MnM Books, P.O. Box 37095, Honolulu, HI 96837, (808) 845-8949, or fax (808) 847-6637. (Hardcover, $7.95 from

Preventing Childhood Eating Problems Preventing Childhood Eating Problems, by Jane Hirschmann and Lela Zaphiropoulos, ISBN: 0936077255, Publisher: Gurze Books, Date: Mar 1993. Focuses on how parents and those who work with children can help a child develop a natural, normal relationship with food. (Paperback, $8.76 from Websites:,
am_I_fat_small.jpg (9971 bytes) Am I Fat? Helping young children accept differences in body size, by Joanne Ikeda, M.A. R.D.; Priscilla Naworski, M.S., ETR Associates (1992). A must read for parents, teachers, and other care providers of children to age 10, who want to help them develop positive attitudes about their bodies. 117 pages. (Paperback, $17.95 from
Are You Too Fat, Ginny? by Karin Jasper, Is Five Press. Written for young girls, this book challenges myths about fatness and dieting in adolescents and offers the healthy alternative of self-acceptance. Introduction for parents and teachers. (Paperback, $5.95 + $1.85 special surcharge from
Belinda�s Bouquet, by Leslea Newman, Alyson Publications (1991). The book you needed to read when you were growing up as a fat child. Written for children, its size-acceptance message is for everyone. Paperback, $6.95. (Naafa Book Service).
Foxy Fables and Facts About Dieting, Toronto International No-Diet Coalition (1996). A beautifully illustrated, fact-filled booklet for readers of many ages, it contains several size-esteem, antidiet fables with accompanying morals, as well as information about self-esteem, health, and eating disorders.
New Moon magazine: A Magazine for Girls and their Dreams. An international magazine for every girl who wants her voice to be heard and her dreams taken seriously. With girl editors, ages 8 to 14, and girl contributors from all over the world, New Moon celebrates girls, explores the passage from girl to woman, and builds healthy resistance to gender inequities. The New Moon girl is true to herself, and New Moon helps her as she pursues her unique path in life, moving confidently out into the world. Advertising free. New Moon, P.O. Box 3587, Duluth, MN 55803-3587, 218-728-5507, 800-381-4743. Subscriptions are $29/yr., 6 issues.  Web site:


For Young Adults

Life In the Fat Lane, by Cherie Bennett, Delcourt Press (1998). A novel for teenagers featuring the "perfect" high school girl who inexplicably gains 100 pounds and then watches the life she knew crumble before her. This book hits the mark by exploring identity issues related to weight in ways in which teens will identify. Highly recommended. (Paperback, $3.99, Hardcover, $11.16 from
The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, by Joan Jacobs Brumberg (1997), Random House. An historian gives the bigger picture of how today�s girls have developed body image issues by examining the diaries of girls over the last 100 years. Includes analysis of all aspects of living in a female body (e.g. menstruation), not just body image. Fascinating and easily readable for young and older women alike. (Hardcover, $25.00 from Paperback, $10.40 from
Teen Voices: Because You�re More Than a Pretty Face. A magazine for teens written by teens. An outstanding alternative to the how-to-lose-weight-to-get-your-man variety of periodicals being offered to the 13-19 year-old set. To order call 888-882-TEEN.  Web site:
Extra Hip. A newsletter and web site for plus-size teen girls edited by plus-size model, Katie Arons. Still in its infancy, it is a good start for girls and teens who want to begin body acceptance now. Hip, really! Contact Katie at 323-461-9506 or Free! Web site:
Spring 1999 Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women. Once to twice a year in the magazine, in addition to our usual array of articles on health, media, fashion, and politics, we print articles and support materials for our Radiance Kids Project (most of which are also put up at our web site, Included are essays by kids of all ages about their lives, and about issues of body size and self-esteem. Also, articles by teachers, counselors, health professionals, and parents, on raising children who feel seen, loved, and valued, whatever their body size or shape. For information:  .   Good for school libraries, therapists� and doctors� offices, training purposes (for healthcare professionals), and so on.


For Adults

self-esteem comes in all sizes Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes How to Be Happy and Healthy at Your Natural Weight (Revised) by Carol A. Johnson; Gary D. Foster
(Gurze Press, ISBN: 0936077379, June 2001, 320 pages
Paperback, $14.95.)
Size-Positive Style! Clothing for the Plus and Supersize Woman by Linda S. Kanzinger. At last! A book on fashion for the fat woman with real plus and supersize women as models. This book is loaded with photos (287 of them) of big, beautiful, sexy women. Sometimes controversial, a bit in-your-face about size prejudice, and always totally supportive of women, this is a highly individualistic look at clothes, big bodies, fashion, and style. Size-positive artwork reinforces the books' philosophy. Resources and appendices for big folks.
(The Alcott Press, August 2001. 8 1/2 x11, 168 pages, ISBN 0-9616180-3-5.
Paperback, $28.50 directly from Alcott Press,
contact them at )
ZAFTIG: Well Rounded Erotica Edited by Hanne Blank. Cleis Press presents steamy stories showcasing the sex lives of women of size and their admirers in 18 short erotic stories. Contributors' works have appeared in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Herotica, and Susie Bright's Best American Erotica series among others. Hanne Blank is the author of Big, Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them. She is also associate editor of Scarlet Letters online (
Publish date: June 2001, $14.95, trade paper.
Tipping the Scales of Justice: Fighting Weight-Based Discrimination, by Sondra Solovay, J.D. What rights, if any, do fat people have? If a child is obese, are the parents legally responsible? Can employers treat overweight employees as different, or disabled? Should fat people be protected by disability laws? Cases of illegal hiring practices, workplace prejudice, harassment, unfair treatment, medical malpractice, and denial of public access are being filed in increasing numbers as the nation continues to obsess over, and misunderstand, weight. This fascinating book will be essential for law courses and libraries, as well as for anyone concerned about weight as a legal issue. (Published by Prometheus Books. Order line: 1-800-421-0351. 261 pp. ISBN 1-57392-764-3 . Paperback: $17 from, $16.95 from, and $13.50 from
Big, Big, Love A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them, by Hanne Blank. Focusing specifically on people who are fat or feel that they are, people who prefer bigger partners, or people who are trying to understand their sizeable sweeties a little better, Big Big Love discusses the ins and outs of living and loving large. Liberally salted with the voices of strong, sexual, vibrant fat people of all genders and orientations, as well as words of wisdom from those who prefer fatter partners, Big Big Love is an unapologetic, strong, feisty look at sexuality that has something to say to anyone who's ever looked in the mirror and thought "ugh!" about their own bodies. Written for people of all genders, shapes, orientations, sizes, and sexualities, Big Big Love is guaranteed to expand your horizons -- no matter whether you cringe at the thought of someone else seeing your rear end or sing along at the top of your lungs to "Fat Bottomed Girls." (Paperback, $12.76 from
Bountiful Women, by Bonnie Bernell, Wildcat Canyon Press (2000). An upbeat, wise, and delightfully honest guidebook, it is chock full of practical information and creative strategies for physical and emotional well-being. It gives the kind of support every large woman needs to take charge of her own life, to know that she is entitled to life's bounty, and to enjoy it to the fullest. (Paperback, $14.36 from
Sexy at Any Size: A Real Woman�s Guide to Dating and Romance, Fireside Trade Paperback @ Simon & Schuster (1999), by Katie Arons. A southern California, plus-size model gives great advice on how to turn your love life around. (Paperback, $9.60 from
The Dieter�s Dilemma: Eating Less and Weighing More, by William Bennett, M.D., and Joel Gurin, Ph.D., Basic Books (1982). One of the first books about antidieting findings on set-point theory and other metabolic considerations. A source of accurate scientific information about what does and does not define one�s appropriate weight. Clearly written. Check your local library for a copy of this one.
Health Risks of Weight Loss, by Frances M. Berg, Obesity & Health (1992). Brings together the compelling research on the effects of America�s obsession with dieting, showing how weight loss can be a risky business. Paperback, $21.95.
Worth Your Weight: What You Can Do About a Weight Problem, by Barbara Altman Bruno, Rutledge Press (1996). Therapist and fat-activist, author advocates learning how to have the "delicious" experience of loving your body. Paperback, $12.95.
Nothing to Lose: A Guide to Sane Living in a Larger Body, by Cheri K. Erdman, Ed.D., HarperCollins (1995). An initiation into the process of size acceptance as experienced by the author and women she interviewed in her original research. Includes activities for readers to explore while going through their own process. Hardcover, $18.00. (Paperback, $11.20 from
Live Large! Ideas, Affirmations and Actions for Sane living in a Larger Body, by Cheri K. Erdman, Ed.D., HarperCollins (1997). Written for those who have made the decision to be size-accepting and occasionally need a little encouragement. One-page-at-a-time format includes a big idea, brief content, ending with an affirmation and action the reader can use to move the big idea into her life. Motivational. Paperback, $11.00.
Losing It: America�s Obsession with Weight and the Industry that Feeds on It, by Laura Fraser, Dutton (1997). Extensive history and expos� of the weight-loss industry in America. Outstanding resource. Hard cover, $24.95.
Product Cover Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Health and Your Weight, by Glenn Gaesser, Gurze Books (2000). The author debunks the myths of the height/weight chart and the standard belief that fat causes heart disease. Advocates a new definition of fitness that focuses on insulin sensitivity, light to moderate physical activity, and a low-fat diet (not for weight loss). Paperback, $14.95.  Website:
Bodylove Bodylove Learning to Like Our Looks and Ourselves-A Practical Guide for Women (Updated)  (Paperback) - Revised Ed. by Rita Freedman
ISBN: 0936077433, Gurze Books, June 2002, 327 pages, $14.95 Website:
The Invisible Woman: Confronting Weight Prejudice in America, by Charisse Goodman, Gurze Press (1995). A brave analysis of the why�s of weight discrimination. Author�s tone is angry, but its understandable as you read on. Recommended for those who want to understand how discrimination can occur in our enlightened age. Paperback, $14.95.
Transforming Body Image: Learning to Love the Body You Have, by Marcia Germaine Hutchinson, Ed.D., The Crossing Press (1985). Seminal work on changing body image. Physical and psychological exercises for exploring and changing our body image. Some material specifically related to weight (cultural attitudes), but mostly general advice for enjoyment and appreciation of the body. Paperback, $10.95.
Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes, by Carol Johnson, M.A., Doubleday (1995). Written by the founder of the support group, "Largely Positive," this book separates weight from self-esteem by encouraging the reader to learn more, do more, dress up regardless of size. Hardcover, $18.95. Paperback, $10.95. Order from Gurze Books (Now 40% off!...$6.57) 1-800-756-7533 or
Making Peace with Food: Freeing Yourself from the Diet-Weight Obsession, by Susan Kano, Harper (1989). Readable, practical, inspiring. Contains a summary of antidieting and setpoint findings, then proposes methods for increasing one�s self-esteem and living in accord with one�s own natural and healthy hungers. Helps reader overcome yo-yo dieting, body and food anxiety, and self-defeating guilt. Complete with step-by-step workbook format. Good list of suggested readings and resources. Paperback, $13.
Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women, by Pat Lyons, M.A., R.N., and Debby Burgard, Ph.D., Bull Publishing (1990). Excellent reading. The authors discuss fitness and movement as a right for all people, regardless of their size. More of an encouragement and support book than a how-to book. Paperback, $14.95.
Wake Up! I�m Fat, by Camryn Manheim, Basic Books (1999). This Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress of the TV series The Practice tells how she shed shame instead of pounds. A really good read. (Hardcover, $14.49, Paperback, $11.20, Audio $14.36 from
The Bodywise Woman: Enhancing Body Image, Fitness and Health, by the Melpomene Institute for Women�s Health Research, Prentice-Hall (1993). A collection of articles on various aspects of understanding size-related issues and living a healthy life in a large body. Paperback, $16.95. Order directly from the Melpomene Institute, 1010 University Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104, 612-642-1951. Web site:
Overcoming Overeating, by Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann, Fawcett/Columbine (1988). Helpful to those who have mild-to-moderate problems with overeating due to emotional causes and previous deprivation (dieting). The authors provide a program of freeing oneself from dieting, finding out what true hunger is, and encouraging other ways to meet your needs. Paperback, $9.95. Web site:
When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies: Freeing yourself from Food and Weight Obsession, by Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann, Ballantine Books (1995). Taking their Overcoming Overeating philosophy one step further, the authors explore the social and psychological reasons for body-hate and obsessive dieting behavior and give concrete steps for reclaiming our bodies. Paperback, $12. Web site:
Plus-Style: The Plus-Size Guide to Looking Great, by Suzan Nanfeldt, Penguin Press (1996). Jam-packed with practical advice, this book helps large women choose clothing, accessories, make-up and hair styles. The author freely shares her image consultant wisdom with the rest of us. Paperback, $19.95.
No Fat Chicks: How Big Business Profits Making Women Hate Their Bodies and How to Fight Back, by Terry Poulton, Birch Lane Press, (1997). Poulton, an editor for a fashion magazine who went on a diet and reported on her progress in the pages of her own publiction -- and then gained the weight back, has given us a non-nonsense look at the economics of the dieting industry. This one will make you mad. Hardcover, $21.95.
The Ultimate Plus-Size Modeling Guide, by Catherine Schuller, 212-473-2086.
Size Wise: A Comprehensive Guide to Living Large with No Apologies, by Judy Sullivan, Avon Books (1997). The title says it all-you�ll have almost every conceivable resource for living large at your fingertips. Included are interesting interviews with regular folks as well as some movers and shakers in the size-acceptance movement. Book updated regularly through the author�s web site:  Paperback, $12.00.
Fat!So?Because You Don�t Have to Aplogize for Your Size, by Marilyn Wann , Ten Speed Press (1999). If you�ve never seen the zine or web site of the same name, then you are in for a surprise! The author issues her fat acceptance views in a no-apologies, hilarious way. Entertaining, informative, very fresh. web site: Paperback, $12.95.
Journeys to Self-Acceptance: Fat Women Speak, edited by Carol Wiley, The Crossing Press (1994). Two dozen short personal essays on topics from women of size. Interesting and often inspirational. Paperback, $9.95.
Fall 1998 Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women is an upbeat, positive, empowering, colorful, quarterly magazine. Since 1984, Radiance has grown to become a leading source of support, information, and inspiration for women all sizes of large in the worldwide Size Acceptance Movement. Each quarterly edition features in-depth interviews with plus-size celebrities (like Rosie O'Donnell, Camryn ("This is for all the fat girls!") Manheim, and Delta Burke), along with compelling articles on health, media, fashion, and politics. We're proud of the diversity on our pages and in our readership. We celebrate women all sizes of large, of all ages, life-styles, and ethnicities. Get the information and support you need to create a full life and a healthy self-esteem. It's good for the whole family. (web site),

Size-Positive Organizations

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), P.O. Box 188620, Sacramento, CA 95818, 916-558-6880 Web site:
International No-Diet Coalition, 914-679-1209.
Council on Size & Weight Discrimination, P.O. Box 305, Mt. Marion, NY 12456.
Largely Positive, P.O. Box 17223, Glendale, WI 53217.  Largely Positive's newsletter, "On a Positive Note," is published quarterly and addresses issues of interest to larger people and the professionals who work with them. The cost is $12.00 for a one-year subscription ($16.00 outside the U.S., payable in U.S. funds).


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