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  • Growing Up Fat
    It's hard to explain everything that I'm feeling right now: anger, confusion, and, above all, frustration. What makes other kids at school look down their noses at me? What gives people the right to judge me by my weight? I must be missing something, because as far as I can see, the answer is, Nothing! Yet, almost every day, I encounter someone who tries to tell me that he or she is better than me, that until I reach my ideal weight, I am nothing.
    By Amanda Patterson
    From Radiance Winter 1996.

  • The Next Generation of Activists
    A crowded dance floor where young people of every shape, size, and color get along and let the music move them. I'm in the middle of it all, dancing with myself, having the time of my life, free of everything until ...
    "Hey, Lard Ass!"
    "I didn't know cows could dance . . . if that's what you're doing."
    "Why do they let fat people in here anyway? They take up too much space. Fatso!"

    By Roxie Walker
    From Radiance Summer 1995.

  • Teen Scene
    Just as Radiance invites women of all sizes into its pages, we invite women of all ages, also. We put out a call to teens for essays about their lives: their feelings, ideas, and experiences with body image and size discrimination.  We wanted to give them the opportunity to express their opinions and share their stories: we wanted to hear their young voices.
    By various authors
    From Radiance Spring 1999.
  • Off to the Prom
    When I was first asked to be in the Radiance photos, I was thinking, Why me? Why a size 14 or above? But when Miss Debbie explained what the magazine was about and what we were going to do, I started thinking, How cool!
    By various authors
    From Radiance Spring 1999

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